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About Us

Misson Statement

To accurately verify and report the factual identity and credentials of business applicant professionals.
About Us

In 2005, our agency was established to specifically protect celebrities by screening their business associates. According to a client, after hearing about our agency’s ability to protect celebrities, we “became their primary source for vetting their clients.” Immediately, after receiving the professional referral of celebrities, our agency received hundreds of requests for services from several senior level HR professionals.

Respectfully, we are contacted daily by several business executives. Unlike any other background check agency, we were vetted by many celebrities as a proven agency that “specialized in guiding high profile clients out of difficult situations.”

Why Use Our Services

We take professional and personal pride in researching and verifying the professional background and credentials of individuals. This is why we have a strong history of identifying emerging issues with our comprehensive professional background checks. Our agency focuses on the goal of avoiding or mitigating business reputation crises.

In addition, our CEO has a personal and professional experience that deals directly with the importance of conducting a thorough comprehensive background check on an individual. As a law enforcement professional, our CEO lost his partner in the line of duty and he was severely wounded in the line of duty as well. The individual they were attempting to arrest had a not so pleasant criminal arrest/background history and he refused to be arrested and taken into custody.

As a result, we are passionate about our mission. Why? Our mission is directly associated with him and his partner’s professional and personal crisis. Some companies have their “WHY.” Why are they in business? One thing is for certain, our team knows and understand our “WHY.” Ours is personal and professional. We here at Aldranon A. English & Associates, LLC, are all dedicated to our mission: To accurately verify and report the factual identity of an individual.

Today, we employ tenured law enforcement/military veterans and professional researchers. Our employees utilize these exact same strategies to advance and protect our clients and their professional reputations by conducting professional background checks/due diligence of high level business executive candidates.

As a Consumer Reporting Agency

We are a consumer reporting agency (CRA), responsible for assembling and evaluating consumer report information for the purpose of providing those reports to a third party/employer. Each report includes information that relates to a person’s character, reputation, education, professional credentials, social media background and/or personal characteristics. Specifically, they’re used — for employment purposes only.

Again, Aldranon A. English & Associates, LLC is a (CRA), we do not provide private investigator services. We are a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Report Act. The information provided by Aldranon A. English & Associates LLC, is collected or provided, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports about search subjects for employment purposes.